Name Cedric De Witte
Email address info@cedricdewitte.be
Specialities Web development/IT-Support/Cisco networking
Experience > 6 years


Cedric De Witte

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About me

My name is Cedric De Witte. I am 23 years old and I live in Zele. Since many years, I'm interested in everything what is related to computers & technology. Through self-study and experience during my summer jobs, I've built up a broad knowledge of IT-skills. In recent years I have studied Applied Informatics at HoGent to expand this knowledge even more, because you can never stop learning in the IT sector.. HTML5, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, are some languages I learn and already have experience in. Feel free to have a look at my portfolio & if you still have some questions, don't hesitate to ask them through my social media or e-mail. Have a nice day!

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Curriculum Vitae

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Latin - Modern with informatics (ASO) | 2008 - 2010

College O.L.V. Ten Doorn Eeklo

The transition from primary school to secondary school. I chose to study Latin - Modern with informatics because I was interested in sciences & informatics.

Latin - Sciences (5h Math - ASO) | 2010 - 2012

College O.L.V. Ten Doorn Eeklo

After these years, I studied further in the most logical education after the previous one, Latin - Sciences. I showed a lot of interest for sciences and informatics. I was not quite sure what I'd like to become later on, but my interests for practice of medicine grew very fast! I also still had a big interest in Informatics, as this was a daily activity for me.

Latin - Modern Languages / Sciences (ASO) | 2012 - 2014

College O.L.V. Ten Doorn Eeklo

In the fifth year of high school, I studied Latin - Modern Languages / Sciences. My languages were very good, so they advised me this training. This was a very good preparation for the medicine test, that allows a student to study the practice of medicine.

2014 - 2016 | Biomedical Sciences

Universiteit Gent

Because I didn't pass my medicine test, I decided to study Biomedical Sciences at Ghent University. This was a very good preparation for the medicine test. However during the next summer, I still didn't pass the test. So I decided to finish my Biomedical Sciences training. But during my second year, I realised that I didn't like the idea to become a scientific laboratory technician. So I decided to quit the training, and to study something I always liked, and really had a big interest for, namely informatics!

2016 - 2020 | Applied Informatics


I'm happy to announce that I studied Applied Informatics at HoGent. Writing Java, analytics, databases, ... it's all part of this training, and I really like it!

My work experience

Junior System Engineer | Februar 2020 - ...


After a successful internship I received a contract, and I will fulfill the position of Junior System Engineer at Orbid

Internship - Network management | September 2019 - December 2019


Research into HPE Clearpass: "What is or is not possible with HPE Clearpass, how does this happen and also implement this effectively in a pilot group in Orbid."; Helping with various projects for customers (camera projects, configuring switches, access points, firewalls, etc.)

Reviewer & Project Manager | 2016 - now


Checking through an online portal of the assignments sent via the app (both Dutch & French) and providing support to the community. I have also recently taken over some projects for my larger brands / companies. This involves translating the customer's wishes into readable assignments that can be performed by our community, reporting, following up, contacting the customer, using our API to create customized ICT solutions for the customer ... Responsibility and alertness is definitely key here!

Webdeveloper / Technician / Sales | 2015 - now

Focus Informatica

Troubleshooting for private & business customers. Delivery new appliances / servers. Web development to customer requirements. The direct link between the customer & the business.

What can I offer you.

Webdesign & build

You want a new website you can be proud of? Or just a refreshment from your current website? Preferably a faster website, responsive-proof and more user-friendly? I can offer you a fresh & functional website.

Windows/Mac Support

Troubles with your computer or do you have other IT related problems? I can help with this! Just give me a shout, and I will help you with pleasure!


I am experienced in improving networks in private and small business environments. I'm specialised in the Cisco/HPE/Aruba environment. Moreover, I'm already experienced with data solutions such as NAS, several cloud solutions, all with the goal to improve your efficiency, productivity and ease of use.

Web applications

An online shop, client management system, online ordering software for your restaurant? You're at the right address!

Go to my iTalent page!

Some of my projects

Here you can find some of my finished projects.

Contact me!
VPS Panel

Management of own VPS server

I have my own Linux VPS server under management on which I have configured a web panel to manage various websites / databases / cronjobs. This way I can take projects that require multiple resources in-house. This also strengthens my qualities in Linux.


Manage Cisco networks

Configure a Cisco router / switch from scratch, find problems in an existing network, configure VLANs, STP, ... these are just a few of the many options that you can configure within the Cisco IOS devices. As a network and system manager in training, this is one of the main issues within our Applied Informatics program.

In group during the 2nd semester of our second year, during our system and network management project, we put several projects in order as 1 team. With Trello as a guide, our team of 4 people was able to function very well with each other, and that gave us a very good end result.

Questions? I'm ready :-)

Contact me

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me using this contact form. I will be happy to assist you.